Will My Diet Have Much of an Impact On My Health ? by Naturopath, Monika Webb
Have you ever asked yourself this question? Will this cake make much of a difference? Well, let’s first look at what the nutrients in our foods do for us.  The nutrients in our foods provides our bodies with the building blocks and information they need for correct functioning.  It sets the stage for strong foundations so that when an insult occurs such as a virus or chemical exposure we are strong enough not to come crumbling down.  If you have the bricks in place but are missing the mortar then our structure is weak, the same applies to our bodies. If we don’t supply all the necessary nutrients, or overload it with poisons such as processed, chemically altered fats or foods and sugars, then we are going to give our bodies inferior nutrients which will stop or alter our body functions.
A diet lacking in certain minerals or vitamins can cause an array of symptoms and conditions as well as affecting our behaviour.   We truly underestimate the effects our diet has on our health, as a diet lacking can manifest as depression, anxiety, stress, outbursts of anger, irritability or fatigue and the list goes on and on.  A healthy diet can prevent conditions such as cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis and so on.  A lot of what we eat is driven by advertising companies wanting to sell their products and most of the time they are not what we need or fortified with minerals which we cannot absorb.  Other than some herbs, spices or fats etc most of what we eat should come from our garden, green grocer or a butcher the rest is not real food and should not be consumed.
So will this cake make much of a difference to my health? If you are only having it a few times per year and you have built strong foundations then no it won’t, but the truth is that most people eat these types of foods on a daily or weekly basis and it is slowly poisoning them and setting them up for a lifetime of ill health and weight issues.
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