Yes, this means you! So what if 2016 isn’t coming off the way you’d hoped? Shit happens!

What you need to focus on is the reason you began in the first place. What motivates you to change? Why isn’t it still motivating you? Is it too hard? Not realistic? Are you self sabotaging? Did you not set a time frame?

STOP. Refocus. Begin again. You’re allowed to do that you know! And you don’t have to wait for it to be a Monday either. 🙂

So stop feeling sorry for yourself. Do what you know works and stop telling yourself little stories and making up excuses. We all do it and it’s bullshit. Get real with yourself!

You have the time, you’ve just got to MAKE time. Get off your phone or PC, stop watching so much tv, get up earlier.

Yes you can eat well, you just have to be organised, keep it simple, prepare in advance, shop online and have groceries delivered-that alone will give you at least an extra hour and a half a week!

And you can move your body every day, no matter what you tell yourself. Get up off your butt and stretch, walk around your house, throw the ball for your poor dog, get away from your desk and walk outside. Take the kids to the park, enjoy the sunshine and smell that fresh air.

You only get one body to live in, stop wrecking it and taking it for granted and START LOOKING AFTER IT !!!