• 4 large eggs
  • 1 600ml carton of Paul’s Pure whipping cream
  • 75 grams of Republica sugar free chocolate powder (available from Coles in the drinking chocolate aisle)
  • You will need two mixing bowls, a large and a medium and an electric mixer

Large Bowl, add

  • Egg yolks
  • 600ml pure whipping cream
  • Approximately 50 grams of the chocolate powder
  • With the electric mixer whip until cream has thickened being careful not to over whip the cream

Medium Bowl, add

  • Egg whites
  • With the electric mixer whip until whites are stiff then slowly add the remainder 25 grams of the chocolate mix.
  • Pour the stiffened egg whites mix into the large bowl containing the whipped cream, mix and gently fold together.
  • I find it easier to then transfer the mixture into a large pouring jug and then pour the ice cream evenly into 8 containers; and then simply put them into the freezer until frozen. I find disposal coffee cups work well. As this ice cream sets a little firmer than normal commercial ice cream it makes it difficult to spoon it out of a large container.  Ideally you would take the ice cream out of the freezer 10 minutes before you want to eat it, but I can never wait that long, besides it lasts longer if its harder.


Serves 8

Each server contains 30 grams of Fat

2.5 grams of Carbohydrates 3 grams of Protein

Recipe courtesy of Monica Webb, Health Life Pathways