Want to stay out of the Public Health System? Maybe you don’t have Private Health Insurance? Then prevention is key! Your health, is in your hands. It’s true, we, as individuals are primarily responsible for our health. Take charge of your health, eat whole foods and cut out the processed crap. Move your body more, doing things you love. And of course, make sure you are getting good quality sleep. Aim to maintain a healthy weight and not carry around any extra kilos! Obesity can lead to other illnesses from chronic to acute, some very severe and deadly, such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Coronary Artery Disease, Coronary Vascular Disease, Heart Attack, Stroke and even Cancer. Prevention is the key!

The good news is, that IF YOU DO HAVE PRIVATE HEALTH COVER, your personal training sessions may be covered by your health fund!

If you have private health insurance, I suggest you contact your fund to determine if you are covered for Personal Training.

It’s important to remember that all funds are different! As I am a registered fitness business, your sessions with PT to YOU may be covered. It depends on your fund and your level of cover. In some cases a GP referral may be required to indicate that the fitness program is necessary due to an existing health or medical condition. Unfortunately, a number of funds don’t recognise personal training services.

Finally it’s also important to remember that the amount of a potential refund is heavily dependent on the level of cover and that holding private health insurance does not automatically ensure eligibility for a refund for fitness services.

Tier 1 funds:

Health Funds offering rebates exclusively to Fitness Australia Registered Businesses-

AHM ($75.00 maximum rebate per year)


Health Partners

HIF ($125.00 maximum rebate per year)

Members will receive a rebate upon presentation of proof of payment documentation from PT to YOU containing their Fitness Australia registered business number.

Tier 2 funds:


BUPA ($100 maximum rebate per year)
Note: BUPA do not provide rebates for personal training or for services provided within unsupervised facilities.

Queensland Country Health
Note: You must have a referral form from a prescribing physician to be eligible to claim a rebate for fitness services.

Tier 3 funds:

The following funds require a medical referral and completion of appropriate documentation.


Australian Unity


Teachers Health Fund

Please check with your private health insurer as you may be able to claim on your Personal Training sessions with PT to YOU!