Article courtesy of Ross Walter Nutritionist & Naturopath

Getting a good nights sleep is not just something you need to recharge your batteries at the end of the day! Sleep is needed for:

1) Growth, particularly in children
2) Maintenance and repair of the body
3) Memory consolidation and learning
4) Detoxification and waste processing
and other purposes too!

Sleep difficulties are no laughing matter for people who can’t sleep well. Symptoms of poor sleep include:

1) Difficulty getting to sleep
2) Waking during the night
3) Waking up tired
4) Poor concentration and memory
5) Poor immune system function and frequent infections
6) Depression
7) Weight gain.

There can be many reasons or causes for you not sleeping well, and can include dietary, environmental, lifestyle, stress and other factors. I have a range of options to help you sleep better, as it is something that I had difficulty with for a while too. Improving your sleep can make a huge difference to your health, your life and how you feel!

If sleep difficulties are a problem for you (or someone you know), please contact me!