Oh no! Not squats?! Yes, squats! Every program I write, no matter the client, will have a squat component in it. The squat is one of the most important and beneficial exercises that you can do! Babies and toddlers are always squatting, yet as adults we often lose the ability to squat properly!


1. It is a functional movement. When you change a tyre, you squat. When you lift a box off the floor, you squat. When you go to sit on the toilet (how many times a day???), you squat. You find the squat everywhere in human movement. It is natural and biomechanically safe.

2. Builds muscles in your entire body. Obviously, the squat helps to develop muscles in your lower body. But they also engage many other muscles in your body, including the stabilisers in your core and upper body (think abs, lower back, shoulders)

3. Squatting develops your connective tissues, especially those in your stabilising areas: knees, angles, and hips. All the tendons and ligaments grow thicker and are less likely to tear or rupture when stressed.

4. Keeps you flexible and balanced. Squats keep you supple and flexible and improves body awareness as you learn to keep your balance and control your weight distribution as your body changes shape during the squat

5. Squatting is the BIG difference between just having a butt and having a BUTT! You want a shapely bottom? Squat. You want to fill out your jeans? Squat. Squatting is a natural functional movement and it will build a beautiful natural body.

For tips and hints on how to perform the perfect bodyweight squat, check out this tutorial from Molly Galbraith……………..