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pt2you studio training

Studio Training

Fully customised Personal Training sessions in the privacy and comfort of the PT to YOU air conditioned studio. Based in Dayboro, Queensland.

pt2you mobile appointments

Group Training

The great thing about group training is that there’s a community vibe. It’s great to be working out with like-minded individuals with goals that are similar to yours. You can support each other and feel as though you’re part of a community!

pt2you online coaching

Online Coaching

Flexible coaching options to fit in with your busy lifestyle. Choose from personalised online lifestyle coaching packages, including workout programs, nutrition and habit coaching, and much more.

Specialist Services

rehab fitness

Rehab Fitness

Appraise, rehabilitate and prevent low risk injuries by working closely with your allied health professionals.

pt2you strength training

Strength Training

Increase muscle strength, joint health and bone density. Bodyweight exercises, machines or free weights.

pt2you weight loss

Weight Loss

Supporting lifestyle changes to reflect healthier nutritional choices through nutrition and habit coaching. Prescribing appropriate exercises that are tailored to suit your individual goals.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

“Has Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and ever other program failed you again? Try something different this time. Something that lasts. Nutrition & Habit Coaching, no meal plans, restrictive diets or calorie counting.” Take control of your health by learning new ways to eat well and kick yo yo dieting for good.



Prescribing exercises for functional ageing and hormonal challenges. This time of our lives is one where we often notice significant changes in body and mind. Learn how to make these changes work for you.

pre & post natal

Pre & Post Natal

Safe exercise prescription for Mum’s to be and Mum’s with young babies. Supporting coaching for pre and post-natal, in particular catering for those with birth injuries.